Free e-short: The Indecent Toe

Watch out for next Monday “The Indecent Toe” up free on Amazon. Yes, Lovers, free sizzle (no, not sausages – although …) Free smut, but only on Monday

The story

Cate, (Catherine on the dotted line, Kit to her lover,) goes out to lunch with her boss. Among a lot of talk, a lot of thinking, a lot of wondering what her lover is doing with her panties while she’s at work, Cate and Brenda get to playing footsie under the table at a lovely little restaurant where the waiter is also sexy. And there are pictures of naked women on the walls. It’s art though, Darlings. But why always women? Cate has thought about that before, too.

Oh, yeah, and let me know at Amazon what you thought



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