It’s up and it’s free (The Indecent Toe, I mean)

This won’t last, so hurry and get some free smut while it’s free


Free e-short: The Indecent Toe

Watch out for next Monday “The Indecent Toe” up free on Amazon. Yes, Lovers, free sizzle (no, not sausages – although …) Free smut, but only on Monday

The story

Cate, (Catherine on the dotted line, Kit to her lover,) goes out to lunch with her boss. Among a lot of talk, a lot of thinking, a lot of wondering what her lover is doing with her panties while she’s at work, Cate and Brenda get to playing footsie under the table at a lovely little restaurant where the waiter is also sexy. And there are pictures of naked women on the walls. It’s art though, Darlings. But why always women? Cate has thought about that before, too.

Oh, yeah, and let me know at Amazon what you thought


Threesome in the Small Hours: cover preview


Sex! Awesome. A threesome. Now, aren’t you curious?

Here’s a sneak preview of the coming cover for another sexy story about Kit and her day with no panties. Late at night, so late it’s early, she finally gets home only to find her lover with another man.  So, two men one woman. The other man has muscles like a body-builder. Mmm, spicy. Kit decides to warm things up even more by introducing the other man to a tentacled little friend of hers, a cthulu called Euclid. Everyone knows cthulus get in the damndest places.


Hello There :)

I’m just so thrilled you came to join me here. Life is full to the brim with wonderful things to taste and do, and I just want to share them with you.

So, this is where I let you know where to find my fiction, especially when there’s something up for free because the best things in life are  … Well, you already know!